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This sample page illustrates how your order may look if you click the link in your pre-order confirmation email.
The Edit Order button above is functional if you wish to experiment editing orders. Don't worry. You can't mess anything up. Just click the Restore Data button and the original data will be reset in the database. Note the Restore Data option is not available on your actual order page.
Notice the format of the order: Meat 1st Side 2nd Side Sauce
This is all the girls need to prepare your order.
Also notice how each ordered item is on a line of its own. The following sample order shows how this is done:
2 Pulled Pork Mac Green Hummer, Pulled Pork Mac Chili Pepper Jacked, Full Rack Ribs, Brisket Chili Potato Moovelous, Dozen Wings
Notice the comma between orders? The comma separates each order and puts the next order on a new line.
However you choose to order or edit, if we don't understand we'll contact you to get it sorted out.
Sharon Pamela Stephen

The Swine House Barbecue Team